Jayden is a late 20s Perth native who has a passion for detailing cars and enjoys watching sports in his free time. He works at Xquisit Car Detailing, where he applies his meticulous attention to detail to every vehicle he works on.

Jayden started working at Xquisit Car Detailing after completing his education, and he quickly became known for his attention to detail and ability to transform even the dirtiest cars into works of art. He takes great pride in his work and loves nothing more than seeing the look of satisfaction on his customers’ faces when they see their newly detailed car.

When he’s not working or watching sports, Jayden enjoys spending time with his family and friends and trying out new restaurants. He also enjoys attending car shows and following the latest trends in car design and modification.

Jayden is committed to providing the highest level of service to his customers at Xquisit Car Detailing and takes pride in his ability to exceed their expectations. With his passion for cars, he is sure to continue making a name for himself in the Automotive industry.