How it works

This is what it takes to get your ride squeeky clean!

Pressure wash

Rinse at 2200psi to remove dirt, mud, brake dust, bugs and road grime especially in hard to clean places like behind plastic mouldings on body and bumpers, rubber window surrounds, windscreen wipers, roof rack rails, brake callipers, inside rim of wheels and hard to reach engine bay.

Hand wash

With biodegradable, eco-friendly soap, entire vehicle gets a close inspection including painted panels, glass, wheels, wheel arches and door jambs.

Clay bar

Removes foreign or stubborn particles from paint (tar, sap, road grime) that don’t come off with regular washing.


Industrial quality with 2 motors at 2000W each, removes pet hair, dust in vents and on dashboard, between seats, under seats, under mats, in door pockets and boot.

Cut and polish

Using the best polishes from leading brands in USA, Germany and Australia, this is a process for evening out paint, removing small scratches and marks, fingernail scratches under door handles, and swirls in clear coat.


Applying wax to a painted surface provides long lasting protection from the elements. Helps prevent sun fading and acts like a protective coating so that bugs, tar and sap stick to the wax instead of the paint. The vehicle remains shinier for longer and is easier to clean. More wax = more protection for your precious paint.

Interior Detail

Wipe all plastics and leather (remove dust, fingerprints and food spills), brush out vents, UV protection, clean and condition rubber door and boot seals, door trims, dash, controls with your choice of matt or shiny finish.

Shampoo and steam clean interior

Disinfect, kill bacteria and dust mites, remove stains and freshen fabric.

Glass clean

Remove any layers of grime, fingerprints, pet saliva for that streak free shine. Removal of stickers and rego labels upon request.

Engine bay detail

Pressure blast, degrease and wash, remove dust, oil, and leaves. Shine plastic and rubber components.